Quick solution for anxiety!

Well hello everyone! This is one of my favourite tools / solutions for anxiety, heightened emotion, overthinking & obsessing that I LOVE TO SHARE. Those of you who are (or have been) my clients will be familiar with this as I'm sure I taught it to you. So, then this is a great reminder to use it 😉
Just another way to create more contentment


How do you respond to expectations? What are your tendencies?

I had the fortune of seeing Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project & Better Than Before) speak in San Diego last week. She was sharing about her her new book "The Four Tendencies" & discussing the 4 personality profiles she discovered after investigating how people respond to expectations.
It's a great framework to better understand yourself & others - it opens doors to deeper conversation & connection with yourself & your loved ones
I find I'm enjoying having it as another helpful tool when I pause to observe my responses & internal dialogue. I'm also better understanding responses & reactions from those I know & love by simply observing them & considering their responses based on their tendency.
So, perhaps share the quiz over dinner with loved ones & support each other in being your best selves by using this tool.
Take the quiz here & find out your tendency...
(BTW - I'm an Obliger with Rebellious tendencies ;-D)



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Quick solution for anxiety!

How do you respond to expectations? What are your tendencies?