I coach both the conscious and unconscious minds.

V-VIP or VIP Day

Deep dive 1-day immersion 

In a Virtual VIP day, you get me and all my transformative techniques, insights, coaching and wisdom for yourself from the comfort of your own home via video conferencing.
The VIP Day brings me to you - or you to me - depending on which you prefer! You get me in person, energetically engaged in the space of our choosing.
This day is a loving investment in yourself, and also a true gift both in the short and long term. Your future self will thank you!
I’ll teach you all you need to know so you can re-wire and re-program your mind. Discover how to stop anxiety, worry and negativity in it’s tracks.
Let me show you how to transform your thinking – so you can be free from emotional struggle, old “stories” and baggage for life.
Modify your thinking and acquire skills for living your ideal life, struggle free.
Discover how to make change easy for you, so healthy choices stick.
Become more comfortably confident being authentically you, so you can succeed in anything you set your mind to. Accept your past more easily and create your amazing future.
We’ll dive into what’s been stopping you from being your ideal self – so you can identify the recipe of contentment that is perfect for you. You’ll discover you already have all the ingredients and you always will!
Relax into a healing Hypnotherapy session. Be guided to let go of the past & embrace the present –– so you can create and cultivate the future you’re ready to for.
Experience being exactly how you’ve always wanted to be.
Get ready for a fun and life-transforming day!
What you’ll get….
  • Strategy Creation Call 1 week before our scheduled day – let's map out our plan!
  • 8 hours of deep focused personal work and support on the day – Integrative Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Core-Connection, Rapid EFT and more
  • Discussion and teachings tailored to your specific issues and focus
  • ‘Contentment Creation’ Worksheets
  • 2 personalized hypnosis audios (MP3) created specifically for you
  • Ongoing email access to me for Q&A and support
  • 2 (30min) follow-up 'Velocity Coaching' calls 
  • Bonus gift and goodies (who doesn’t love gifts - right!?)

The VIP Day investment is location dependent and may vary slightly - lets discuss!

Having worked with Shalynn for close to three years, I am so grateful for the unique and personal experience that she's provided me! She has helped me identify areas for personal growth, empowered me to take control and always provides a safe and judgment free space. Not only have I grown tremendously in my time with Shalynn, I have learned so much about the human mind, which is very useful to me in my job as a fitness professional.  - Christin E.


I chose to work with Shalynn because I found myself wanting to shift some of the ways I thought about and associated things. Shalynn’s way of helping me gain a new perspective on the way I think and feel has allowed me clarity and direction throughout the day so my thoughts, excitement and mental to-do lists don’t hijack my life. I have noticed I am able to change the conversations in my head now and really create the experience moment to moment that I want to feel throughout the day. Together we realized some of my behaviours and patterns that were based on old values and beliefs I no longer subscribed to and she helped me take action to change those. Her audio recordings helped me immensely to calm my body and brain and to allow for the new way of thinking and being to sink in. Just a short time into the program, I already noticed daily changes and it keeps me inspired knowing the tools she is giving me are for life, and will work efficiently to make the necessary changes, regardless of what comes my way. -Jennifer O.   www.jenoliver.com

As a coach, Shalynn listens intently, asks great questions, and re-frames issues. She has helped me rethink how I am reacting to circumstances and how I am living my life... I began to see big changes, could hear Shalynn's positive words in my head and saw huge shifts both personally and professionally. She has a loving and compassionate energy. She is someone I look up to on a personal and professional level and I love working with her. I have recommended Shalynn as a coach to my friends, and I have heard that she has worked wonders with them too. If you feel stuck or lack clarity, she can help you activate your core values that will help you create your best life and help you put clarity, insights and ideas into action. The work with her has felt effortless and fun. I could not recommend Shalynn highly enough for anyone looking to transform, grow and make profound shifts in their life. She is a true treasure! - Bonnie L.


Let's chat if...

You want to transform your thinking for good...
You choose to quit wasting your precious life in struggle...
You long for joy, ease and peace to be your foundation...
You're ready to discover your  recipe for habitual happiness...

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