Self Sabotage Solutions

Group Training Program - Your Course To Freedom

Are you completely frustrated and fed-up with constantly getting in your own way?
Do you often start a new better routine or try make a positive change, but somehow end up sabotaging yourself – yet again? 
Do you feel hopeless and blocked in making choices and decisions?
Does your negative self-talk keep you feeling bad about yourself?
Are you longing to quit procrastinating and get on with things – once and for all?
Does dread or disappointment keep you feeling stuck, isolated and alone?
If so…
‘Self-Sabotage Solutions’ Group Training Program is your game changer….
Stop feeling alone in your struggle with this solution-based group program. You’ll come to understand how and why your subconscious mind has unintentionally been sabotaging you and you'll realise it's a human problem - not just your own private battle.
Being part of a like-minded group sharing experience, you’ll gain greater awareness and skill in identifying patterns as they are triggered - and for what they really are - allowing you to stop and re-direct yourself before the old crappy patterns can “take hold”.
The simple yet highly effective techniques will empower you to break your self-defeating actions, choices and thoughts with ease – you'll effectively and successfully re-direct and re-train your ‘Mental Monkey’.
The magic of a group training is that you will acquire varying new perspectives on old patterns. And once you see things differently, shifts can happen easily.  Identifying and uncovering old sabotaging systems at play will feel like pride and accomplishment rather than overwhelm, disappointment or failure. Support others and be supported in success - sharing creates community!
You’ll create and establish beneficial new habits, which will become your new default by simply following the steps, practicing and sharing your journey.
All training and Q&A sessions will be recorded so you'll have lifetime access to trainings and information so you can re-visit the techniques and processes for a “tune-up” any time you want. The more you practice – the more powerful your more positive self becomes!
Feeling armed and ready with solutions for whatever arises, you’ll enjoy the freedom of being in control of your present and future self – for life. AND you'll have established new relationships in the group that will strengthen with continued support, inspiration and sharing in the private FB group. You'll no longer have to feel alone in it again!
What’s included -
  • Initial private 1:1 Foundation Clarity Call (60-75min)
  • Weekly group training sessions via video conferencing -recorded (45-60min x 12)
  • Weekly FB Live Q&A sessions (recorded)
  • Worksheets, exercises & DIYs for each module
  • 3 Hypnosis MP3s to enhance your transformation and motivation
  • Lifetime access to the course material 
  • Membership to private FB community for Q&A, ongoing tools, tips and support
  • BONUS goodies for being part of my tribe and the BONUS of being a better self for life!