I coach both the conscious and unconscious minds.

By integrating a variety of coaching and therapeutic techniques, Mindset Mentoring, Hypnotherapy, intuition and a healthy dose of “not taking yourself too seriously”, you will find our coaching relationship tailored to you.

We will collaborate, create and discover what truly resonates and works for you, your needs and your goals throughout our journey together. This isn’t cookie cutter coaching – it's deep support and mentoring - and it’s all about you.

As you’ve probably heard ”Life is about the journey, not the destination…”  Well, I want our journey together to be just as much fun as it will be productive, successful and life changing! After all ”Laughter is the best medicine” - right?! 

A healthy mind-body dialogue is so vitally important for a life of joy, peace and continued success, and is a primary focus in our work together.

Learning how your mind works, so you understand how to change old stuck, negative patterns and unhealthy mindsets  into healthy, happy, flexible ones is fun, empowering and very do-able!  Get the control you've always wanted without it being hard.

The mental, emotional attitude and perspective you take toward life determines your experience. So of course, you want a positive and flexible one – right? One that empowers you to manage and handle everything life brings with grace, ease and balance – a state of being that leaves mental and emotional pain, sabotage and turmoil behind in the dust.

I'll show you powerful transformational tools to REWIRE your thinking and your habits - so you can continue to teach and guide your subconscious mind to work with (and for) you instead of against you - no matter what life brings.
Ultimately, you’ll truly recognise, trust in, and embody the immense power you have within you to choose and live struggle free!

If you’re ready to make a commitment to your future, then I’d love to work with you – let's uncover your magic!

Work With Me

'SELF-SABOTAGE SOLUTIONS' Virtual Group Training

An 8 week virtual group training to teach you how STOP self-sabotage (and stay free!)

Learn simple, powerful techniques to re-pattern your subconscious mind and stop your destructive behaviours, thoughts and self-talk. This interactive course is full of tools, techniques and insight that work for virtually any unwanted habits, feelings and ways of thinking – whatever you’re struggling with, it is likely self-sabotage. The group dynamic encourages support and provides many perspectives as each person in the group had valuable insight and experience that can benefit the whole.

End your frustration. Get in control and feel rapid results and relief once and for all.

This is a great addition (or starter) to private mentoring with me.

'MINDSET MAKEOVER' 3-month private coaching

Learn ‘The ABC’s of a Healthy Mindset’. Discover new ways of thinking and liberate your life. Get clear on self-sabotage, destructive habits, patterns and subconscious “programming” – and be empowered to create a healthy happy internal dialogue. Struggle is in your mind – are you ready for an upgrade?

Uncover your ability to create a balanced and comfortable ‘center ‘– a state of mind and body that feels unburdened, light, joyful, and easy – and authentically you.  Have you been seeking that incredible feeling of mental and emotional freedom? Is it something you imagine, and really crave, but it just seems impossible to achieve? Maybe you've experienced that feeling before but you just weren’t able to hang on to it? Or maybe, you just never really knew that there is a way you can experience it every single day.

  I’d love to show you how.

'CULTIVATE CONTENTMENT' 6-month private mentoring

Are you successful in most areas of you life but deep satisfaction still eludes you? Does overwhelm, stress, worry and negativity feel like your “normal”?  Do you know there is MORE for you in life – but you just don’t know what it is exactly or how to experience it?

  On this transformative journey, you’ll learn and establish ‘The ABC’s of a Healthy Mindset and Happy Mind-Body Dialogue’ as your foundation. I’ll guide you in creating, and becoming fluent in,YOUR unique internal language of joyful being.
You'll come to deeply understand and accept the root causes and reasons for your limitations and self-sabotage, then we will walk you through releasing and reframing them. Freeing you to establish a deep and comfortable connection with your authentic self. You'll get really clear about what you truly want to experience internally, so you can “correctly” direct your unconscious mind and live life stress and struggle free. While immersing yourself in what’s possible over the course of our 6 months together, you’ll integrate the transformative techniques and perspectives so you say Goodbye! to mental and emotional struggle and Hello! to a lifetime of internal peace, contentment and habitual happiness.

This journey WILL change you.


Spend a fun and fully immersive, educational and transformative day with me LIVE in-person - in your hometown or mine (or we can meet somewhere wonderful in between!)

This day is a true gift to yourself both in the short and long term.

Your future self will thank you!


In the VIRTUAL VIP Day, you'll get me and all my transformative techniques, insights, coaching and wisdom for yourself via video conferencing from the comfort of your own home. 

This day is a true gift both in the short and long term.

Your future self will thank you!

Let's chat if...

You want to transform your thinking for good...
You choose to quit wasting your precious life in struggle...
You long for joy, ease and peace to be your foundation...
You're ready to discover your  recipe for habitual happiness...

Yes please! I’d love transformation tips, inspiration & freebies!

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