Serene Sleep System

4-week journey back to sleep  

Are you an insomniac?
Is your mind spinning at night on your endless ‘to-do” list? 
Do you worry about anything and everything instead of sleeping? 
Are you anxious about not getting to sleep and that just makes it harder? 
Do you lie awake stressed, frustrated and tossing & turning? 
Is your body uncomfortably restless?  
Do you fall asleep easily but just can’t stay there?
Are you irritable, exhausted and fed-up?
Is the afternoon energy crash a daily struggle?
If so…
Then the ‘Serene Sleep System’ is for you. 
It works with both your conscious and unconscious minds. 
All parts of you will be reminded HOW to relax and slide into deep, restful, restorative sleep. 
3 specifically designed Hypnosis recordings, utilizing brain wave technology, will lull your mind and body into a restful state, making the absorption and utilization of beneficial directions and suggestions effortless. 
Re-program your mind and reset your sleep-bility by learning how to re-wire your thoughts about sleep, stress and relaxation. 
Get back to sleeping well and feeling great. 
Learn techniques that encourage and support shifts in your conscious mind too. Each tool and technique is designed to help you manage and handle your thoughts better so you can “empty the stress bucket” throughout the day. Set yourself you up to comfortably slide into a relaxed and restful sleep. 
What you’ll get …
• 2 Hypnosis Audios (MP3s) – to be used in a specific sequence.
• 3 learning videos 
• 30 day sleep satisfaction chart (downloadable)
• Bi-weekly tools, techniques, tips and reminders (emailed to you)
• Optional up-grade of private coaching call(s) to personally support you 
The combination of audios for your subconscious mind and usable tools for your conscious mind provides you a highly effective and well-rounded re-boot!