Combat The Crap

12-week journey back to food freedom  

Stop crappy food from ruining your happiness. The problems aren't just in the food you eat, but also in the way you think. 
Are junk food cravings getting the better of you?
Do you keep trying to eat healthy yet find you just can’t?
Are you ready to shed some excess weight – both physical and emotional?
Feeling fed-up with the roller coaster ride of weight and energy?
Is your will power and motivation nowhere to be found?
Do you feel weighed down with frustration and fatigue?
Is your self-talk negative and hurtful?
Are you beating yourself up about what you “should” be doing?
Are you unhappy with yourself because you “know better”?
If so…
Then “Combat the Crap” is perfect for you. 
This system addresses many facets of food and body issues. – self-talk, sugar cravings, impulse and portion control, aversion to healthy foods, over snacking, exercise motivation, self-image and much more. 
Re-program and re-wire your conscious and unconscious minds. 
Shed the unnecessary!
Discover techniques to stop the self-sabotage, eliminate cravings, dissolve stress and release limiting emotions. 
You’ll let go of old patterns and habits and feel empowered in your healthy choices. 
Get clear about who you will be and how you will be when you are no longer struggling.
Enjoy transformations in your thinking, your preferences and your body.
Get back to what food really is – fuel for you to function at your best. 
Yes, you’ll enjoy food, while making mindful, moderate and satisfying choices.  
You’ll choose what supports you to be your best self – operating from your best self’s point of view, rather than a victim mentality of  “I should or shouldn’t, I have to, need to, must, can or cannot.”
What you’ll get –
• 3 Hypnosis audios (MP3s) – to be used in a specific sequence
• 3 learning videos
• ‘Combat the Crap’ workbook
• Successful Self Journal (downloadable)
• Weekly tools, tips, techniques and reminders
• Optional up-grade of private coaching call(s) to personally support you 
 The combination of audios for your subconscious mind and usable tools for your conscious mind provides you a highly effective and well-rounded re-boot!