How to STOP WORRYING in 1 positive step

images -worryWorrying.. ugh…SO uncomfortable and negative in its energy, yet seems to be such a part of life for many people. It seems like a thing we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to worry about people we love..aren’t we? We’re supposed to worry about work/money/the state of the world ..right? That means we care..doesn’t it?

Yes it does mean we care! But here’s the thing- here’s what we should actually be doing. CARING and LOVING, not worrying and fretting.

Love and care are positive activities (and feelings) of mind and body. Caring is a positive projection of energy. When we love and care, we are hopeful. We feel good when we create and cultivate that kind of energy and those comforting, considerate, warm thoughts. Loving and caring does something good for us. We feel more positive, we feel more energetic, we feel happier, we have more mental and emotional energy and we then feel more supported by life.

Worrying is fear based – it’s a projection of negative energy. When we worry we are afraid of negative outcomes. We feel uncomfortable, we become anxious, we become preoccupied, we dwell, we feel uneasy, we get nervous, we fret. We launch ourselves into creating “negative” energy and feelings, AND we all know worry doesn’t really change the situation, person or thing, does it?!  What it does do is reinforce discomfort and dis-ease within and causes our mind to “go there” all to easily.

If you’re the type of person who “what if’s” everything, then you know those can go on forever. You probably already have a solution or plan of action ready to go for whatever might happen anyway. You’ve probably played out, and thought through, all sorts of scenarios a multitude of times.

So what if you let go of the “what if”-ing?  So what if you trust yourself to manage and handle whatever comes your way easily?  After all, you’re well rehearsed, are you not?

Now unfortunately, like many other things we do over and over in our minds (and bodies), worry can simply become a habit. A mode of behaviour that kicks in automatically – a pattern or program we continue to fuel and strengthen by getting all caught up in the activity and feelings of worry. Something we generally do unconsciously, but certainly something you can change (See my previous post for a tool and tips to halt the habit

So STOP yourself before you go too far and launch yourself into worrying, spinning yourself up in knots, fretting and creating that discomfort of fear. Back up. Take a look at what’s behind or underneath your worries. See and feel what’s REALLY going on. Inevitably there is a positive intent, a positive feeling, idea or desire underneath. Inevitably it’s love or care in some form.

Simply – STOP, back up & notice your POSITIVE feelings and thoughts underneath- notice where that old worry was actually stemming from. From something good no doubt.

(Now if there is a solution that needs to be found, or a problem that can be solved for the thing you’re worrying about- then understand that, and move into productive thinking – into problem solving mode. Worrying mode only really produces uncomfortable results – it rarely solves anything.)

Notice if what you’re experiencing is the the habit, the worry program kicking in, or, is it that you care, you love. That you hold that something or someone as important and special to you. If so, then sit with it – sit with and be in the positive feelings and thoughts of love, care and hope. Notice how this feels different.

Catch yourself – and practice backing up and being in the good stuff. Cultivate and grow loving and caring energy for and toward the things you used to worry about. Practice staying in this optimistic state. This feels better. This feels positive. This does you good.

And soon, you’ll begin to experience yourself as you really are – a loving, caring, thoughtful person. A hopeful optimist – rather than a negative worry wart or nervous nellie. You’ll feel things are indeed more positive – your perspective becomes brighter. Perhaps you begin to notice what is really worth expending and projecting your energy on, and in what way you choose to do it.

Watch my short video about WORRY here ➔